Locally based CPA firm since 1956


Williams Crow Mask is a team of trusted business and financial advisors who are committed to helping our clients attain fiscal success. 

Our steady growth over the last 60 years represents our talent for building a quality team that has earned the respect and confidence of our clients.

George “Chris” Williams


Kirk D. Mask


Tonya Steinert


Kelly Compton

Chief Investment Officer

Megan Taylor


Lory Kennedy Orosco


Celeste Wulf


Rob Patterson


Jeremy Rodela


Julie Lockard

Office Manager

Monica Hernandez

Office Administrator

Seli Compton

Administrative Assistant

Treat People Like Family

As a family-owned business, the team at Williams Crow Mask is not only committed to treating each other like family but every single person that interacts with our company. From clients to organizations we volunteer with, showing respect and kindness is our number one goal every day.

Think Innovatively

When you hire Williams Crow Mask you don't just hire one person, you hire an entire team that will work with you to get the best results for you. Thinking outside of the box to find what will work best is one of the things that makes WCM unique and we're proud of that quality. 

Do the Right Thing

Doing the right thing for our clients, for our employees and for our community is at the heart of what drives our company and is a chief motivator among our staff. As a team, we area always striving to be honest, trustworthy and dependable for everyone we come into contact with.

Work Hard Together

Williams Crow Mask is a team of skilled individuals and we believe that our talents are best utilized when they are combined. You can expect a team of our employees to work with you to help find the best outcome.

Be Responsive with Respect

Putting our clients first is a top priority for the Williams Crow Mask team, but treating everyone with respect and being in regular communication is our bread and butter. Making sure we are available to our clients is crucial to living out our other core values.

Improve Yourself Everyday

The company culture at Williams Crow Mask is designed to foster growth and encourage professional and personal development because we truly believe that we best serve our clients when we are, ourselves growing and improving as individuals and as a team.